Your teachers and students are doing wonderful, amazing things in the classroom every day.

Most of the time, though, parents don't know what's happening on a daily basis.

You and your teachers are posting signs, sending home hand-written daily reports, notes and printed newsletters, yet parents still overlook the important stuff.

You have assessments, meetings, and conferences a few times per year, but they really don't show off the miracles that are happening each day in the classroom.

Your teachers could send out emails and text messages, but releasing your parents' contact information to everyone in your school can create serious issues around privacy and confidentiality. Plus, how can you know what information is being sent and to whom?

Therefore, sometimes parents undervalue the quality of your teachers, your program, your school, and the positive effects they are having on their children... simply due to an absence of communication.

Keeping your parents informed and involved is the foundation for having them love your school. When your parents are your fans, your school remains full and everyone's life is better.

Today's Parents Expect Online Communications

SchoolVine is the solution to help your preschool or childcare center use current technology to get parents the information they need. Now your staff can finally show parents the wonderful things happening in your classrooms every day and keep them engaged.

Most importantly, SchoolVine is simple enough that everyone can use it, right from the start.

How it Works

SchoolVine is designed specifically to meet the needs of preschools and childcare centers.

Teachers post updates and daily reports for their classroom or for individual students.
Include photos, videos, documents, or PDF's with your updates to save time and printing costs.
SchoolVine sends email updates to the relevant parents and keeps them private from non-relevant parents.
Parents can securely login to see all of their updates and download photos and documents.
SchoolVine is smartphone and tablet ready. There's no need for computers in every classroom.
Administrators can control accounts, view all school updates, and post updates to anyone in the school.

Clean, Simple Interface

SchoolVine is designed from the ground up with simplicity in mind. If your teachers and parents are overwhelmed or confused by complicated software, then they simply will not use it. With SchoolVine, anyone can use it, immediately. without instructions. There's responsive, helpful support for anyone who needs it.

Quick and Easy Posting

When you send and update, there's only one box to type in. Attaching images and documents is a breeze. You can preview the update before sending it, know exactly who the update is for and how many parents will receive an email.

Fast Daily Reports

SchoolVine's daily reports allow a teacher to quickly send parents information about meals, naps, diapering, etc. for all of their classroom's students. No more filling out tedious individual written reports for every child only to have them ignored by the parents.

Powerful Communication Options

Even though SchoolVine is simple, the sorting and grouping options available make it a powerful communication tool. You can quickly post an update to all parents in multiple classrooms or pick out the individual families that you need to update.

Everyone Loves SchoolVine

Parents Love SchoolVine

Informed Parents are Happy Parents

When parents receive email updates on their child it allows them to participate in their child's day. Parent's negative emotions about child care are usually rooted in lack of communication or miscommunication. With SchoolVine, that's no longer an issue.

Priceless Archive of their Children

Imagine each of your families having a detailed history of every precious event and milestone of their child's development. Start using SchoolVine now to build that history by the time their children graduate.

Comfort and Security

Parents will feel comfortable leaving their child at your school knowing they will have real-time notifications of events, concerns, and achievements. Social networking and sharing sites are great, but when it comes to personal family information, they need a system that is private and secure.

Preschools Love SchoolVine

Increased Parent Satisfaction and Loyalty

Your current families are the biggest asset to your school and with SchoolVine you build a direct connection between them and their child's classroom. Happy, loyal parents tell every other parent they know about your school which will help you grow your enrollment effortlessly.

Increased Enrollment

Today's high-tech generation of parents expect online communications in every part of their busy lives. Give your school the competitive advantage by using a system to meet their needs and that's easy to implement.

Save Time, Money and Trees

With SchoolVine, your staff will be more productive by spending less time on duplicating hand written notes and reports. Parents will be more informed than ever when they receive the email updates and reports on their children.

What our users are saying...

Don't take our word for it. Here's what some of our users have to say about SchoolVine:

SchoolVine is versatile, I can post to whoever I want whenever I want. This also makes communication much more effective. If I need to update the parents of just one room, I don't have to notify the whole school like we used to do in our email newsletters. It can also be very personal when I update individual parents and I know they are the only ones who can see it.

Shannon Mendiola
Director at SpringStone Montessori
Las Vegas, NV

Parents love getting the updates and seeing the pictures of their children. When their child is learning a new skill like walking or kicking a ball, parents now get to be a part of that when before they would've missed out.

Kimberlee Crawford
Educational Director at Play Academy
Highland Heights, Ohio

SchoolVine saves me a ton of time when giving critical info to parents. Before SchoolVine I used to answer the same questions over and over to at least 50 different parents. Now I just post the details of an event on SchoolVine. What used to be a huge daily distraction is now gone.

Gina Montes
Administrator at SpringStone Montessori
Las Vegas, NV

It makes my job much easier. I can't always call a parent in the middle of day.
Now I just post it on SchoolVine and I know it will be waiting for them in their email.

Alla Pogostkina
Teacher - Blue Room - Play Academy
Highland Heights, OH

We are thrilled with our first week using the SchoolVine.
Parents love it and it so simple to use that you can't help but love it.

Mary L. Richardson
Director at Foundations Early Learning Center
Cape Coral, FL

Thanks for all the AWESOME UPDATES!!!
The staff and I love them!! Thanks for listening and making our wishes come true.
It's great to do business with people who really care!!

Sheri Lee
Lee's Kinder Academy
Kansas City, MO

I'm a fulltime working mother and I'm always thinking about my son during the day.
I love getting the pictures and updates on what my child is doing... it really brightens my day!

Toula Bee
Parent at Play Academy
Highland Heights, OH

Over 6,759, updates already sent to parents using SchoolVine

SchoolVine is relaunching July of 2020!
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Frequently Asked Questions

We don't have computers in our classrooms, can we use SchoolVine ?
Yes! Users can post updates, attach photos, and send reports from any computer or web enabled device like an iPad, tablet, or smartphone.
Can Administrators view what teachers are posting?
Yes! All posts and updates are visible to administrators on their home page. You will see an ongoing stream of daily activity at your school.
I'm not computer savvy, can I still use SchoolVine ?
Yes! Simplicity comes first with SchoolVine. We are focused on making SchoolVine a powerful communication tool, yet utterly simple for anyone to use.
Can I view older posts, especially for licensing and accreditation ?
Yes! You will have a permanent archive of all interactions on SchoolVine between your school and your parents. This makes it an incredibly useful documenting tool for licensing and accreditation.
Is SchoolVine installed and updated for me ?
Yes! SchoolVine is Software as a Service (SaaS). This means it is securely hosted, maintained and updated for you so you never have to worry about things breaking. We take care of everything for you.
Are SchoolVine messages and photos private and secure ?
Yes! Only users with proper login credentials can access their data. Administrators can grant and revoke access anytime. SchoolVine is hosted on enterprise class encrypted servers with daily backups of all of your data.

About SchoolVine

SchoolVine was designed from the ground up by current preshcool owners and operators.

Scott Knight Founder and CEO

Scott grew up in the early childhood industry when his mother opened her first preschool in Colorado in 1978. Now he and his wife own and operate multiple Montessori schools in Las Vegas, NV.

Scott has always had a passion for technology, business and innovation. He works as lead developer and product designer for SchoolVine. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from the University of New Mexico.

In his spare time you will find him playing drums, snowboarding, or finding the latest high tech toys "for" his three children.

Lori Knight President and Product Advisor

Lori has a Master's Degree in Education and was an elementary school teacher for eight years before owning and operating a Montessori preschool in Las Vegas, NV. She has a strong insight into the needs of directors and teachers when it comes to making SchoolVine the best possible solution for them.

Lori is a mother of three beautiful children and receives SchoolVine updates about them daily.