The easiest way for your early learning school to keep parents updated

Now your childcare, preschool, or early learning center's staff can communicate with parents and send daily reports from the classroom any time with a simple, private, and secure online application.

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Your teachers and students are doing wonderful, amazing things in the classroom every day

Most of the time, though, parents don't know what's happening on a daily basis.

Today's parents expect online communications

SchoolVine® is the solution to help your preschool or childcare center use current technology to get parents the information they need. Now your staff can finally show parents the wonderful things happening in your classrooms every day and keep them engaged.

Send updates and daily reports, manage check-ins, collect tuition, and store documents. All from one easy to use application.

Most importantly, SchoolVine is simple enough that everyone can use it, right from the start.

SchoolVine is designed specifically to meet the needs of today's early learning centers

Fast, simple communication

Teachers post updates and daily reports for their classroom or for individual students.

Include photos, videos, documents, or PDF's with your updates to save time and printing costs.

Privacy built-in

SchoolVine sends email updates to the relevant parents and keeps them private from non-relevant parents.

Administrators can control accounts, view all school updates, and post updates to anyone in the school.

So much more...

SchoolVine is not just for daily updates.

Create daily reports for meals naps and diapering, store documents, manage classroom check-ins, collect tuition payments and more!

SchoolVine is versatile, I can post to whoever I want whenever I want. This also makes communication much more effective. If I need to update the parents of just one room, I don't have to notify the whole school like we used to do in our email newsletters. It can also be very personal when I update individual parents and I know they are the only ones who can see it.

Shannon Mendiola
Director, SpringStone Montessori

Parents love getting the updates and seeing the pictures of their children. When their child is learning a new skill like walking or kicking a ball, parents now get to be a part of that when before they would've missed out.

Kimberlee Crawford
Educational Director, Play Academy

Simple pricing

SchoolVine is no longer accepting new accounts at this time.

Frequently asked questions

We don't have computers in our classrooms, can we use SchoolVine?

Yes! Users can post updates, attach photos, and send reports from any computer or web enabled device like an iPad, tablet, or smartphone. Native iOS and Android apps will be released soon.

Can administrators view what teachers are posting?

Yes! All posts and updates are visible to administrators on their home page. You will see an ongoing stream of daily activity at your school.

I'm not computer savvy, can I still use SchoolVine?

Yes! Simplicity comes first with SchoolVine. We are focused on making SchoolVine a powerful communication tool, yet utterly simple for anyone to use.

Can I view older posts, especially for licensing and accreditation?

Yes! You will have a permanent archive of all interactions on SchoolVine between your school and your parents. This makes it an incredibly useful documenting tool for licensing and accreditation.

Is SchoolVine installed and updated for me?

Yes! SchoolVine is Software as a Service (SaaS). This means it is securely hosted, maintained and updated for you so you never have to worry about things breaking. We take care of everything for you.

Are SchoolVine messages and photos private and secure?

Yes! Only users with proper login credentials can access their data. Administrators can grant and revoke access anytime. SchoolVine is hosted on enterprise class encrypted servers with daily backups of all of your data.

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